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Harpe pleased with coaching staff at St. John’s

By C.R. Cumbee

Staff Writer

Johns IslandSt. John’s football coach Josh Harpe experienced plenty of ups and downs during his first season in charge of the program.  Now, beginning year two, he feels like he is more prepared for what he’ll face as he tries to take the Islanders to the next level.

“It’s a lot easier knowing the steps and knowing how all the moving pieces are going to work.  It has been a lot easier knowing what’s coming and what to expect,” Harpe said.

Rejoining Harpe this fall is assistant head coach/defensive coordinator Sam Brown, who will also work with the linebackers.

“Sam Brown is St. John’s football.  He’s a former player that played in college and is back on the island as a fire captain.  He’s a grinder and a warrior, and I love working with him.  I really value his friendship,” Harpe said.

Helping with the quarterbacks, running backs and offensive line is Anthony Tolliver, who played for Harpe at Hanahan.

“He called and told me he wanted to get into coaching, so I told him to volunteer somewhere,” said Harpe.  “A few minutes later he asked if he could come work for me and I was ecstatic. 

“I love the energy he brings. It makes me feel good that somebody I got to teach and coach and mentor wanted to come back and work with me.  He wants to ingrain this new generation of players with the same things we taught them.”

Adam Mutz deals with offensive linemen while Layton Powers and Kynet Laboard remain involved with offensive backs.  Kevin Hammack and Nate Murdaugh team up to coach wide receivers and defensive backs, and Winfield Brown tutors the defensive linemen.

Over half of the coaching staff is made up of volunteers from the community, which means everyone is completely invested in seeing St. John’s succeed.

“I’m relatively new to the area so it’s nice to have people who have played here and believe in the program.  They want to coach these kids and they really do a good job,” Harpe said.  “I’m trying to make this a championship program and they’re teaching me about the value of St. John’s football and what that truly means.”


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