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Chesterfield volleyball team sees improvement

By Ken Buck
Staff Writer

Chesterfield— Don’t let their less than .500 record fool you. The Chesterfield High volleyball team is showing steady improvement, according to Head Coach Amber Ange.
Although our record does not show it, we have come a long way within the past three years that I have been coaching the Varsity volleyball team,” Ange says. “We are playing more competitively, we are setting the ball up more, we are hitting more often and hitting stronger kills than ever before. 
“My goal as their coach is to get them to progress.  Progress may not result in Wins all of the time; progress sometimes may not result in Wins at all, but what brings me joy and reward is seeing them progress as an individual, as a team, and as a program, which is happening. We are in a tough conference, but we have put up a better fight against those strong teams than we have in the past.”
Senior Jenna Hough is an outside hitter and is a key player for the team.  She leads the team in kills this season. Senior Jodi Hatcher is another key player with her setting and defensive role.  Junior Caroline Willard has been a big asset with her setting capabilities. 
Sophomore Meghan Raynor is another key player who, at only 5’2”, gets as many blocks and hits as some of the other taller girls. Also, Sophomore Maverlee Johnson brings in a lot of kills and blocks with her play as a middle hitter. 
Ange said that her team’s best strength is their character.
“No matter win or lose, my girls know how to act with class and poise and for that I am most proud,” she says. “That strength is what will take them far in life; it will set them apart from the rest of the crowd.  My girls know that everything you get in life, you must work for; that you are entitled to nothing.  That, more than any physical attribute, will get them farther in life. 
“Physically, our strength is that we have made huge leaps in our defensive play and can dig balls that used to be automatic points for the other team.”


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