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Woodland High School

Craig takes over Woodland football program

By C.R. Cumbee

Staff Writer

Dorchester—The Woodland football team will have a new head coach this fall in Cody Craig, who took over full-time for athletic director Jonta Sibert.  Craig was essentially a co-head coach the past two years as he also called plays and worked with quarterbacks.

“(Sibert) let me do what I wanted to do the last two years and have full control of the team.  Everything we did, we did together, so I don’t feel like this is something I haven’t done before,” Craig said.  “I’m just expecting us to keep getting better.  I think we made some steps last year.  The seniors this year have been with me since I’ve been there, so I’m looking forward to seeing all that development pan out this year and in the future.”

Also on the staff is former Allendale-Fairfax head coach Eddie Ford, who is the team’s defensive coordinator.  He will also mentor linebackers and running backs.

“Eddie is an awesome coach and an awesome guy.  He’s been coaching a lot longer than I have and he has a huge football IQ.  He knows the ins and outs and all the organizational things that go into it.  He’s been a huge help in the spring and summer and now planning for the fall,” Craig said.

Other returning coaches include Keith Lowman (wide receivers) and Calvin Linning (offensive and defensive lines).  Defensive backs coach Justin Scott will begin his first year on the varsity staff after being elevated from the junior varsity squad.

“They have done every single thing that they can do to help me out.  I can’t say enough good things about them and what they’ve done.  They just want to win,” Craig said.

Not only will Craig have those coaches to help him, he also has a valuable resource in his father, Timberland head coach Art Craig.

“When things come up and I’m not sure what I want to do, I can call my dad and bounce things off him.  He doesn’t really push his thoughts on me, just gives me different ways to look at it.  He says it’s my team so I have to make the decisions,” Craig said.


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