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Woodland Volleyball finishes second in Region V

By Neill Kirkpatrick

Special Contributor

Goose Creek – The Woodland Wolverine Volleyball annual expectations are to compete for a region championship, get a home court play-off match and make a deep run in the play-offs.

2018 was more of the same as the Wolverines closed region play with three straight wins to secure second place and hosted Andrews in a first round play-off match. Unfortunately, they lost that match 3-2 after winning the first two games.

 “I was worried coming into the match. Andrews was a good serving team and that has given us trouble at times. Add in that to the fact we did not have Kaitlynn for the match and we were at a disadvantage,” said Woodland Head Coach Kayla Klinger.

 Coach Klinger continued, “when we are able to return the serves and we communicate, we are a good team. However, we tended to have lapse and that would cost us.”

The Kaitlynn coach referred to was senior Kaitlynn Creel, the team’s libero. She is not only on of the top volleyball players but she is one of the best athletes at Woodland. She hurt her ankle the weekend before the match and in the final three games you could see where the team needed her leadership.

Controlling the net for the Wolverines was Auyana Carson. She was injured during the early part of the year and they dropped a couple of region contest in her absences. She led them in kills and blocks as well as being one of the top servers on the team. She is also an outstanding athlete.

 Keyrra Gaddist is a solid server with good quickness and plays well in the back row. She is also one of the better receiver of serves.

 Madelyn Turner and India Reed were very solid in the Andrews match scoring on their serves and making several outstanding defensive plays.

 Also in the rotation for coach Klinger are Nyra Govan and Nia Edwards. They both played hard and made some nice plays.

 Kaytlyn Sweatman, Emily Hilton, Ronda Simmons, Joella James and Dianta Brown make up the rest of the Wolverines.

 “Despite how we finished the match, I am very proud of this team. They worked hard every day to get better and everyone did get better as the season went. Injuries are part of the game but I would have like seen how good we would have been if we could have avoided them.

We are going to miss the seniors but I am excited for next year,” Klinger said.


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