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Laurens Academy High School

 Laurens Academy sees improvement

By Ken Buck

Staff Writer

Laurens— The Laurens Academy baseball team grew up a lot this year, from a team with only two seniors to a team that was highly competitive at the end of the season.

The Crusaders also had two juniors but no sophomores among a team of 18 players. Two seniors and two juniors started and the rest were eighth and ninth graders.

Luke Tollison, The Crusaders’ head coach, said that his young squad started the season playing against some teams that were a bit too competitive for his team.

“But I believe that it made us better by the end of the year,” he explains. “The last three weeks of the season we began to play really well, beating some teams we should beat, and some teams that we lost to the first time around we end up beating.”

He added that overall he was pretty pleased with the season.

“We have a really young team,” he says. “We finally began to saw the light at the end of the tunnel towards the end of the year, making great improvements from when we started.”

“For a lot of guys, this was their first time ever playing varsity baseball,” he says. “But we played hard and we got better.”

Tollison said that he and his coaches are focusing on things on the offensive side of the game to help the young Laurens Academy team improve.

The team ended up in a three-way tie for second place but missed the playoffs on the conference tie breaker, which put them in fourth place.

The team’s two main pitchers were Freshmen Thomas Lowery and Senior Wil Tindall.

Tindall was also among the team’s leading batter as well and is going to be tough to replace.

“He did everything for us,” says Tollison. “He ended up hitting over .460.”

Junior Dawson Foster was also among the leading hitters for the Laurens Academy team.



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