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Dillon High Football Team Named Team of the Decade In SC By HSSR, Between 2010-19 The Wildcats Compiled A Record of 131-10; Dillon Won Five State Titles & Competed For Titles 9 Out- Of -10 Years (State Record For Participation Over 10 Year Period)

Dillon—At the 34th annual “HSSR” Football awards banquet on February, 16th at Seawells in Columbia Dillon High School was awarded the “HSSR Football team Of The Decade” in South Carolina (2010—2019) when the Wildcats, under the direction of Hall of Fame Head Coach Jackie Hayes, played for the state title 9 out of 10 years claiming five title over the 10 year period.

Coach Hayes thought he was attending the banquet to receive the AAA Coach of the year award but the Team of the Decade was a closely held secret between HSSR Publisher Billy Baker and Dillon Area Schools District Superintendent Ray Rogers who was in charge of getting family members and others to attend the banquet without telling Coach Hayes about the special recognition award for of South Carolina’s top all-time football programs. Over the decade Dillon compiled a record of 131-10 and the Wildcats also won 9 region titles and 9 lower State titles.

Dillon has won seven total state tiles under Coach Hayes who started as the head coach in 1992. In this past decade Dillon won state titles in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017.

Coach Hayes was presented the award with his wife Mandy, daughter Elle, and both sons Zach and Shuler in attendance at the event along with their daughter in-law and several guests. Defensive co-coordinator Marty McIntyre, in charge of the infamous Nasty Cats of Defense, was also on hand.

“To be honest Billy this award truly surprises me today, and I was wondering while all my family showed up,” said Coach Hayes when accepting the award on behalf of his players, coaches, school administration, and the community of Dillon in general. “First of all, I have been very blessed with such a great and supportive family who are here today and my defensive coordinator (Coach McIntyre) has been with me the whole time is also here with me,” said Coach Hayes. “All you Dillon guys and guests please stand up.

“The bottom line of this accomplishment is we are fortunate to have great support from the top on down and I am sure every coach feels this way, but it is especially true in Dillon. There is not a better Superintendent to work with on a daily basis then Mr. Ray Rogers and our school board. “We have outstanding players and hard-working committed players and we have a blessed family atmosphere. We are not afraid to tell our players every day that we love them. I think that is really important.

“We are going to coach them hard. A player might think the offensive line coach is hard on them, and he might be, but at the end of the day we are going to embrace our players and tell them we love them. It’s great to have a loving caring supportive family and they are much more prepared than I am in many ways.

“In all honesty in talking about playing for 9 state championships in 10 years, the thing about is the one year we didn’t play for the state championship that was our best football team, talent wise,” said Coach Hayes. “That goes to show you that less talented teams, who put in the work can accomplish great things also. We do not mind putting in the work at Dillon I promise you.

“On behalf of our football program I accept this award and please know that we will continue working hard to develop players at Dillon High who do not mind working hard and they know what it takes to get to the top. Our players know what it takes to win, and we will continue to work hard along with our dedicated coaches. This award is not about me at all. This award is about the teams we have been blessed to coach and be a part of. This award is for our community and our great fan base also. Please know that I am very humbled to accept this award on behalf of the players and our coaches who went out and made things happen.”




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