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Patrick Henry High School

Patrick Henry girls basketball poised for post season

By Ken Buck

Staff Writer

Estill— The Patrick Henry Academy girls basketball team, under the leadership of Head Coach Belinda McCoy, are working to get better at the right time and get poised for a playoff run.

Overall the girls are

“We have been a bit inconsistent due to our inexperience,” McCoy explains, pointing to the large number of eighth graders on the varsity team. Currently the Patrick Henry girls are hovering around the .500 mark for the season.

McCoy added that her team will play consistently for two to three quarters and then have a lapse for a quarter that puts them behind the proverbial eight ball.

Despite the inconsistency, McCoy said that her team is getting a little better inside but also added that her younger players are sometimes intimidated on the boards by older players.

“They just feel weaker,” she says.

McCoy also added that the team has had some injuries to some older players as well, which has impacted the team’s play. Faith Breland is among those injured. She broke her arm recently but before that she was playing well for Patrick Henry.

Ellee Mikell is a senior ball handler who is key for Patrick Henry, particularly on offense.

Junior Kaelan Taylor is playing well on the boards for the team, helping on offensive and defensive rebounding.

“She is doing a great job inside for us,” says McCoy.

Abbie Wiggins is a sophomore who is also doing well inside on the boards for Patrick Henry.

Freshman Logan Cone and fellow Freshman Madelyn McKenzie are providing a good number of quality minutes for the girls’ team.

Kaylee Bratcher and eighth grader Emory Priester are both doing a good job thus far this season, especially considering their youth and inexperience in varsity level play, according to McCoy.

 “They just need to build up their confidence,” she adds.



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