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Clarendon Hall High School

Clarendon Hall continues to roll

By Ken Buck

Staff Writer

Summerton— The Clarendon Hall boys basketball team continues their winning ways and are now going into the second half of the season hoping to be peaking for next month’s post season tourney.

Head Coach Anthony Reitenour said that while his team has been dealing with a few nagging injuries, those have not been significant enough to hinder the team overall but rather changes some strategies within some games.

“We are in a good spot though as far as region play goes, he says. “The injuries haven’t been severe.”

The injuries do create some challenges.

“But we’re making it work,” says Reitenour, adding that his team isn’t as deep as in the past.

“But we are still a very talented team,” he says.

Zyan Gilmore and Traveon Davis continue to lead Clarendon Hall with significant offensive output.

“And every time that teams come out and try to shut them down Kylic Horton goes crazy,” says Reitenour. “We have a nice combination on offense. The offense is running a lot smoother and it’s opening up Kade Elliot a lot and he’s been getting a lot of easy shots because Zyan and Traveon are so talented that you have to double them up. That alone just frees these other guys up to have a field day.”

The head coach said that Horton especially has been taking advantage of the double teams on Gilmore and Davis. For example, in a recent game he had a double-double, hitting for 26 points.

“We are doing a good job of finding the open man,” says Reitenour.

DaQavion Miller, and Lowden Olsen have been contributing on the court as well during the season.

 “We are playing a marathon of sorts,” says Reitenour. “We learned a lot from last year’s undefeated season about burning ourselves out and ending up in tight games that shouldn’t have been tight.”



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