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Dorman High School

Dorman’s Jolly finally earns elusive first title

By C.R. Cumbee

Staff Writer

Roebuck—Some coaches last just a few years before trying their hand at something else while others experience great longevity.  Dorman baseball coach Jack Jolly recently wrapped up his 30th season in the dugout and has enjoyed his time around young people.

“When I got into it, it was to make a difference on the lives of kids and make a positive impact on youth through sports.  That hasn’t changed.  That’s still my desire for teaching and coaching.  It has been a great journey,” Jolly said.  “As long as I feel good and keep that passion and drive, I want to keep doing it.  How many years, I’m not sure.”

Jolly began his career at Green Sea-Floyds before moving on to Cheraw.  He led the Braves to the state championship series, where they were denied by Midland Valley.  Jolly then spent 18 years at Carolina Forest, reaching the Lower State final five times.  Unfortunately, the Panthers were never able to get over the hump.

However, in his second season at Dorman, he finally reached the mountaintop as the Cavaliers captured the Class 5A title this spring.

“You hope every team has a chance to achieve that and compete for that.  I was hoping it would happen at some point in time and I’d get to experience it, but I didn’t want my identity of if I was a good coach or not to be based on if I won a state championship or not,” Jolly said.

Along the way, Jolly got to coach both his sons before they each moved on to the collegiate level – Matthew at Newberry and Robert at Clemson.  He also developed father-son relationships with many other players.  More than 60 have signed college scholarships or professional contracts.  Those types of bonds have meant the most to the manager.

“I try to keep up with as many former players as possible.  One of the neat things about winning the state championship was hearing from all the former players I’ve coached.  They were texting me or sending me messages through social media congratulating me.  That made it really special,” Jolly said.


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