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Breedlove making an impact for Stall basketball

By C.R. Cumbee

Staff Writer

North CharlestonStall boys’ basketball coach Micheal Breedlove has had a successful career on the hardwood, but it wasn’t the initial path he thought he’d take.  The gridiron was where he made a name for himself, eventually playing in a professional league in England, where he was a part of a British championship team in 1991.

However, guiding a football team never panned out, and although he has spent over two decades as an assistant on those sidelines, he has made an even greater impact on the basketball court.

“I’ve always wanted to be a head football coach, but that has never materialized.  Football was my first love,” said Breedlove.  “Basketball just comes easy.  I grew up in a big family and had seven brothers who played basketball.  That just comes natural to me.”

Breedlove began his head coaching career at Incirlik High on an Air Force base in Turkey before heading to Peterborough, England to lead an under-19 squad.

Once stateside, he rebuilt the Military Magnet girls’ program.  He then switched to the boys’ side and helped the Eagles to their first region title in school history.  After a stint at Baptist Hill, he has spent the last three years at Stall.

“No matter if it was boys or girls, you always want to fit what you do to the kids you have.  We run now because we have that type of kid.  Prior to the last three years, we played a lot of half-court zones.  You have to do what your kids can do best, not what you know best,” Breedlove said.

His biggest accomplishment has watching his former players move on to live successful lives.  Over 90 percent of his seniors go on to graduate, while 72 percent of them go on to college, whether their athletic careers continue or not.

Breedlove is also helping his players become more noticed by colleges as well as the community.  He started a Facebook page where he streams games for anybody who can’t make it to the gym.

“It’s getting harder to get stuff to college coaches.  Other outlets cost you so much money and the only people who can access it are people you give access to.  We’re not going to have 150 people follow us to Hilton Head on a Tuesday night, but they still want to see our kids play.  It’s an easy mechanism to use to get our kids out there and has been a big morale booster for them,” Breedlove said.


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