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Creek Bridge High School

Creek Bridge’s Fladger trying to will Warriors to playoffs

By C.R. Cumbee

Staff Writer

Marion—No matter what level you play at, coaches will find talent. Even if a team hasn’t had a lot of positive results on the field, players can still show out and draw the attention of spectators.

At Creek Bridge, one of those guys is Tim Fladger. The senior and two-year starter has become a leader for head coach Jimmy Vereen and is like a Swiss Army Knife because he can play so many positions and affect the game in so many ways.

“He has matured in a lot of ways. He’s pretty much the leader of the team. He gets the guys up every game and they all look to him. The good thing about him is that he’s versatile. He was raw at first but he has developed into a good all-around player,” Vereen said.

Fladger (6’3, 180) rarely comes off the field. He has seen time at quarterback, wide receiver, cornerback, safety and even punter.

“He’s played so many positions. When our center got hurt against Marion, I wish I could have put him there,” Vereen joked.

Regardless of where he lines up each snap, Fladger tries to make everyone around him better. Although the team is still searching for its first win, he can play a huge role in helping the Warriors reach the playoffs. A victory over East Clarendon in the regular season finale would accomplish that goal.

“He’s been competitive. We’re just trying to put him in position to be successful. He’s an athlete and we want to put the ball in his hands as much as we can. He can run and throw, but he’s probably a better receiver than quarterback,” Vereen said.

Receiver is where he projects at the next level, and Vereen has continued to send his name out to college coaches. There are still areas where he can improve, but his skill set is a solid foundation to build upon.

“He can adjust his body and go get the ball. I think he can help a college because he can do so many things. He still needs to improve his speed. He learns quick and he’s real savvy about the game. He’s got a good demeanor,” Vereen said.


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