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The One & Only “Radio” Passes Away At 73 In Anderson

The One & Only “Radio” Passes Away At 73 In Anderson

AndersonJames “Radio” Kennedy, 73, the beloved Hall of Fame T.L. Hanna student who befriended former football coach and athletic director Harold Jones at the school starting in the 1960’s passed away over the weekend after checking into a local hospital with severe medical problems on Saturday.   

“Radio’s” story gained a national audience in 2003 when now retired Sports Illustrated award winning writer Gary Smith (retired and living in Charleston) wrote a cover story for the magazine about the relationship “Radio” had developed with Coach Jones and the entire student body at T.L Hanna down through the years. Radio became the beloved ambassador for T.L. Hanna and thousands are expected to attend his funeral and finding a place to conduct his service is surely going to be a challenge.

The article in SI became the basis of a widely popular movie on Radio’s life that hit the screens in 2006. At the conclusion of the movie, as credits were running, Smith and Coach Jones could be seen sitting together at the head of a banquet table.  

Radio would lead Hanna football teams on the field, sit in classrooms as an adult with fellow students, and he was loved, admired, and cherished by anyone he ever met. Radio is a member of the T.L. Hanna High Athletic Hall of Fame.       

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