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Former Nittany Lion teammates launch ADENATION in South Carolina at Greenwood High School

Neill Kirkpatrick

Staff Writer

Goose Creek  – Back on July 28th the High School Sports Report had it’s 35th annual football media day at the University of South Carolina’s beautiful indoor football practice facility and along with the over 250 players from around the state in attendance a surprise guest was also in attendance promoting a new sports hydration drink. That surprise guest was no other than former Pittsburgh Steeler great and 1990 Pro Football Hall a Fame inductee Franco Harris.

            Harris along with former Nittany Lion teammate Eric Bass are venturing in the sports hydration drink game and South Carolina is their launch state. Bass first introduced the product to Greenwood high school when he coached running backs under head coach Dan Pippin. Talking with coach Pippin, at the recent SCACA clinic in North Charleston, he swears by the product and has seen his team all but element cramping during practices and games as well as his team being mentally alert throughout the game.

            This isn’t Harris’s first time in developing a specialty fitness product as he and another Nittany Lion teammate and College Football Hall of Fame inductee Lydell Mitchell started and own Super Bakery in Pittsburgh, Pa. One of their products, the Super Donut, is served in public schools across the eastern United States.

            “In football you build a lot of friendships and some last a lifetime,” Harris said. “Some you see more than others, but they’re still friendships. That’s what makes football so great; it’s the ultimate team sport.”

            Harris continued, “We had already been working in the nutrition business with our healthy food products (  and we wanted to find a drink that best hydrated athletes as well as promotes community and school pride. That is how we came up with adenation. In addition to the benefits of the drink we are in the process of developing a marketing strategy that will bring “Pride” to each school and community.”

            When talking with Bass he explains the contents of the drink, how it reacts to each individual, and the how’s and why’s it works. This isn’t Basses first time working with someone or something to benefit athletic performance. He has worked with Gold Medal winning Olympic athletes, pro-athletes in all leagues, college athletes and high school athletes and his number one goal is help athletes achieve maximum success in their sport. But it is the stories he has that will keep you most captivated.

            Bass tells of how coach Paterno had swear jars for the coaches, players and a special one for Eric Bass. It is just one of tales that will make you laugh.

            In closing the HSSR would like to thank Eric and Franco for coming to media day to share their product and a special thanks to Franco for speaking to the kids as a group about football and life. It is not every day an NFL Hall of Famer takes the time to address a group of high school football players.

In the upcoming football issue, look for an article by Eric explaining why ADENATION is the drink you want on your sidelines for your athletes to reach maximum potential.

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