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The 2018 HSSR Fall All-State Teams Finally Released!!!

Note: After three weeks of exhaustive research, nearly 120-man hours of research, 2,000 e-mails and 550 text messages, plus 100 direct phone calls with prep football coaches, the 2018 HSSR Fall All-sports teams are finally ready for release! Our highly popular gala awards banquet we take place at 1 p.m. for non-football award winners, an at 4 p.m. on Sunday February 10th at Seawells on Rosewood Drive in Columbia adjacent to the fairgrounds. This all-state list is loaded with the most ever highly regarded underclassmen football players with a dozen four and five-star players to be honored from the 2020 class in South Carolina. We ask that if your name is on this list to please forward us your home mailing address as soon as possible. The HSSR will be notifying all athletic directors this week about who they have being honored from their school. Athletic directors are encouraged to look over this list and save us a postage stamp, or e-mail, by going ahead and forwarding addresses of your honorees as soon as possible. The HSSR hopes to get letters in the mail to all honorees by Saturday January 12th. All honorees attend the banquet free of charge. The HSSR pays most of the expenses of these $40,000 two banquet events through guest ticket sales and athletic booster clubs/athletic departments sponsoring reserved tables for the parents and guests of their honorees. The HSSR will once once again produce a souvenir issue to be distributed at the banquet.  The banquet ad sheet can be down loaded off our home page at Any questions about the banquet please call Publisher Billy G. Baker direct at 843-200-9555. The office number is 843-553-0264. Congratulations to the 1018 HSSR Fall All-State honorees.   E-mail addresses to 


2018 HSSR-SCHSL Football Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Football Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Mr. Football—Zacch Pickens-T.L. Hanna

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Career Mr. Football—Jonathan Bennett-Summerville

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Statewide Offensive Player of Year—Tyrell Jackson-Wren

2018 HSSR-SCHSL-2018 Statewide Defensive Player of Year—Shamar McCollum-Dillion

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Player of Year—Ty Olenchuk-Dutch Fork

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Offensive Player of Year-Ron Hoff-Dutch Fork

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Defensive Player of Year-Josiah Commander-Dutch Fork

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Player of Year—Luke Doty-Myrtle Beach

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Offensive Player of Year— Tiyon Evans-Hartsville 

 2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Defensive Player of Year—Salim Sessions-Myrtle Beach

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Player of Year---Pha’leak Brown-Chester

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Offensive Player of Year—Jay Lester-Dillon

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Defensive Player of Year—Teddy Murphy-Chester

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA Player of Year—Cortney Jackson-Abbeville

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA Offensive Player of Year—Craig Pender-Barnwell

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA Defensive Player of Year—Nate Temple-Abbeville 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Class A Player of Year—JaQuan Dixon-Green Sea-Floyds

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Class A Offensive Player of Year—Rashard Maxwell-Baptist Hill

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Class A Defensive Player of Year-A.J. Campbell-Green Sea-Floyds 

2018 HSSR John McKissick Excellence In Coaching Award —Victor Floyd-Chester

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Football Coach of Year—Tom Knotts-Dutch Fork

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA  Football Coach of Year—Mickey Wilson-Myrtle Beach 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Football Coach of Year—Jackie Hayes-Dillon

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA Football Coach of Year—Jamie Nickles-Abbeville--

DB-2018 HSSR-SCHSL Class A Coach of Year—Donald Kiefer-Green Sea Floyds 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Troy Brown Award—D.J. Chisolm-Berkeley 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL “44” Memorial LB Award—Jack Brissey-Liberty 

2018 HSSR Tommy Mangum Memorial Valor Award— TBA (Player who over-came in juries/personal issues to help team)

2018 HSSR 2018 School Administrator of Year Award—TBA  


2018 HSSR-SCHSL Statewide All-State Offense

QB-Javon Anderson-Ridge View 

QB-Davis Beville-Greenville

QB-De’Andrae Sabb-Fort Dorchester

RB-Ailym Ford-West Florence

RB-Thomas Morgan-Dorman

RB-Johnathan Henry-Sumter

RB-Narii Gaither-Rock Hill

OL-Zion Nelson-Sumter

OL-Evan Jumper-Myrtle Beach

OL-Wyatt Tunall-Chester

OL-Kameron Stewart-Dutch Fork

OL-Briggs Kearse-Barnwell

TE-Luke Deal-Emerald

WR-  Eli Wilson-Wren 

WR-Ahmari Bruce-Huggins-Dillon

WR-Jalin Hyatt-Dutch Fork

Ath.-Xavier Legette-Mullins 

PK-Michael Hayes-West Florence


HSSR-SCHSL Statewide All-State Defense

DL-Demonte Capehart-Hartsville

DL-Tonka Hemingway-Conway

DL-Tyshiek Galloway-BHP

DL-Eric Watts-Sumter

LB-Carrie Collier-North Augusta

LB-Jemari Littlejohn-Gaffney

LB-DeShaun Watson-Barnwell

LB-Gregory Williams-Swansea

LB-Dray Thompson-Dillon

LB-Davon Gilmore-Fort Dorchester 

LB-Caree Collier-North Augusta

DB-Jalen Geiger-Spring Valley

DB-Jaylen Mahoney-South Pointe

DB-Hugh Ryan-Dutch Fork

DB-Cameron Smith-Westwood

P-Alex Nation-Chapin



QB-Alex Meredith-T.L. Hanna 

QB-Lawrence Scott-Byrnes

QB-Matt Duncan-Ashley Ridge 

RB-Braden Walker-River Bluff

RB-Keyshawn Wicks-Berkeley

RB-Mario Anderson-Stratford

RB-Cam Robinson-Spartanburg

RB- Kalil Jenkins-Fort Dorchester  

OL-Bruce Benjamin-Fort Dorchester

OL-John Gelotte-Dorman

OL-Kameron Stewart-Dutch Fork

OL-Daylen Powell-Summerville

OL-Kamren McCray-Berkeley

OL-Mason Trotter-Dorman

TE-Hunter Bullock-Gaffney

WR- Quendarius Jefferson-Hillcrest

WR-Gage Zirkle-Dutch Fork

WR-Zack Hillstock-Dorman

WR-Jacoby Pinckney-Dorman 

PK-Graham Newboult-Dutch Fork


2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA  All-state Defense

DL-Ben Mitchum-Summerville

DL-Michael Mason-South Florence 

DL-Max Shropshire-Spring Valley

DL-Eric Watts-Sumter

DL-Deon Ladson-Fort Dorchester

LB-Lawson Danley-Dutch Fork

LB-Anthony DeMasi-Dutch Fork

LB-Jake Dunn-Berkeley

LB-Cameron Chandler-T.L. Hanna

LB- Cole Phillips-Summerville

LB-Ja’xavier Legare-West Ashley

DB-Tre Morrison-Berkeley

DB-Jaylon Girdner-Spartanburg

DB-Darius Smith-Ashley Ridge

DB-Storm Duck-Boiling Springs


2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Offense

QB-Tyler Venables-Daniel

QB-Reed Charpia-Brookland-Cayce

RB-Dre Williams-Greer

RB-Joe Ervin-South Pointe

OL-Kyle Schneider-Greer

OL-Braden Gravely-Pickens

OL-Jackson Chappell-South Pointe

OL-Jalen Tatah-Lancaster

OL-Lee Prescott-Hartsville

TE-Dawson Gilstrap-Pickens

WR-Marcus Grissett-Myrtle Beach 

WR-DaRon Finkley-Myrtle Beach

WR-Walyn Napper—Ridge View

Ath.-Quincy Riley-AC Flora

PK- Zane Smith-North Myrtle Beach


2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA All-state Defense

DL-J.B. Favorite-Myrtle Beach 

DL-Jared Kirksey-Daniel

DL-McZavion Holley-Greer

DL-Dewey Greene-AC Flora

LB-Chris Torres-North Augusta

LB-Savion White-South Pointe

LB Michael Brown-Myrtle Beach

LB-Kevon Haigler-Hartsville  

DB-Jamiek McCoy-Marlboro County

DB-Matthew Maloney-Daniel

DB-Malik Richardson Lakewood

DB—Timothy Robinson-Wilson 

Ath.-Derrien Holmes-North Myrtle Beach

P- Jacob Cato-Lancaster


2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Offense

QB-Mikele Colasurdo-Chapman

QB-Bryce Jeffcoat-Camden

QB-Keion Glover-Union County

RB-Pernell Maxwell-Wade Hampton (H)

RB-Stan Mills-Chester

RB-Braydon Bennett-Southside

RB-TyQuan King-Dillon

OL-Lewis McBeth-Union County

OL-Ben Ross-Emerald

OL-Quay Evans-Chester

OL-Khalil Bethea-Dillon

OL-Gabe Long-May River

OL-Jason Harris-Camden

WR-Matt Reid Gilbert

WR- Jalon Calhoun-Southside 

WR-Jalen Coit-Cheraw

WR-Ricky Lockhart-Chesterfield

Ath.-Corrian Wright-Dillon

Ath.-Jason Wright-Mann-Pendleton

Ath.-Jaquan Harrison-Strom Thurmond

PK-Bennett Caldwell-Camden


2018 HSSR-SCHSL  AAA  All-state Defense

DL—Javris Holliday-Camden 

DL-Charles McCoy-Strom Thurmond

DL-Roy Covington-Dillon

DL-Darrius Bell-Gilbert

DL-Xavier McIver-Cheraw

LB-C.J. Littlejohn-Broome

LB-Paxton Tolleson-Chapman

LB- Octaveon Miller-Chester

LB- Jer Darius McDaniel-Dillon

DB-Jamal Blakely-Pendleton

DB- Dorrien Bagley-Chester

DB-Jaylin Smith-Chapman

Ath.-Donald Vanderhorst-Hanahan

P-Thomas Bailey-Files-Edisto


2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA Offense

QB-Hunter Helms-Gray Collegiate

QB-Eric Mays-Hannah-Pamplico

QB-Noah Bell-Saluda

RB-Malory Pinckney-Southside Christian

RB-Keegan Williams-Oceanside Collegiate

RB-Toronto King-Carvers Bay

OL-Brain Murdaugh-Bamberg-Ehrhardt

OL-Tyjon Wragg-Andrews

OL- Keon Bishop-Timberland

OL-Jake Hill-Abbeville

OL-Connor Nickles-Abbeville

OL-Devin Rushing-Central

OL-Isaiah Williams-Barnwell

OL-Trai Jones-Abbeville

WR-Lavell Davis-Woodland

WR-Deonte Stanley-Latta  

WR-Dallyon Creech-Barnwell

WR-Cameron Profit-Hannah-Pamplico

Ath.-JD Moore-Abbeville

Ath.-Janaz Sumpter-Carvers Bay

Ath. Latavian Lawrence-Silver Bluff

PK-Dylan Beauford-Abbeville


2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA-state Defense

DL-Sam Moultrie-Timberland

DL-Dylan Walker-Barnwell

DL-Julius Arnold-Barnwell

DL-Dalmont Gourdine-Garett Tech

LB-Jhalyn Shuler-Abbeville

LB-Josh Sellers-Chesterfield 

LB-Donovan Bush-Silver Bluff

LB- Brashawn Spann Barnwell

LB-Conner Poston-Hannah-Pamplico

LB-Raquan Hartley-Saluda

LB-Daylan Robinson-Central

DB- Tyler Sumpter-Timberland

DB-David Cobb-Abbeville

DB-Jalen Jenkins-Hannah-Pamplico

DB-Anthony Williams-Bamberg-Ehrhardt

DB-Jahrem Hazel-Whale Branch

P-Ty Frazier-Barnwell


2018 HSSR-SCHSL Class A All-state Offense

QB-Braxton Wedgeworth-Bethune- Bowman

QB-Zach Wiles-Branchville

QB-Antonio McKnight-C.E. Murray

RB-- Jac’Quez Lucas Lamar

RB-Ayvonta Burnell-Baptist Hill

RB-Benji Kelly-Lake View

OL- Shane Amerson Lamar

OL- Tanner Cox-Green Sea-Floyds

OL-Jasper Graham-C.E. Murray

OL-Jordan Stone-Whitmire

OL-Dalton Fields-Wagener-Salley

TE- Keshawn Toney Williston-Elko

WR-Jalik Roberts-Lake View  

WR- Terrance Brown Baptist Hill

WR-Jaquan Hayes-Branchville

Ath.- Jamaric Morris Timmonsville

Ath- Adarrian Dawkins Lake View

PK-  Bradley Nickles Dixie


HSSR-SCHSL Class A All-state Defense

DL- Darius Williams Hemingway

DL-- Jordan Green Lamar

DL- Tayquan Geralds- Green Sea Floyds

DL-Brodie Evans-Dixie

DL-CJ Saverance-Whitmire 

LB- Ti’Quan Bright-Baptist Hill

LB- Dawson Glenn-Dixie

LB- Kegan Sparks-Lamar

DB-Kaleb Shaw-Wagener-Salley

DB-Darius Taylor-Hemingway

DB- Willie Wheeler Lake View,

DB-Anwain Graham-Green Sea- Floyds

DB- Malik Johnson Lamar

P—Sean Swaringer-Scotts Branch


HSSR-SCISA 2018 Lonnie Robinson Memorial SCISA Senior MVP-Michel Dukes-First Baptist

HSSR-SCISA 2018 Statewide Player of Year---Jordan Burch-Hammond

HSSR-SCISA 2018 AAA Player of Year—Jackson Muschamp-Hammond 

HSSSR- SCISA 2018 AAA Offensive Player of Year—Gunner Nistad-Porter-Gaud

HSSR- SCISA 2018 AAA Defensive Player of Year—Alex Huntley -Hammond

 HSSR-SCISA 2018 AA Player of Year—Eli Brayboy-Florence Christian

HSSR-SCISA 2018 AA Offensive of Year—Marshall Brown-Florence Christian

HSSR-SCISA 2018 AA Defensive Player of Year—Phillip Hucks-Florence Christian  

HSSR-SCISA 2018 Class A Player of Year—Trey Pusha-Thomas Heyward

HSSR-SCISA 2018 Class A Offensive Player of Year—Jake Lane-Pee Dee Academy

HSSR-SCISA 2018 Class A Defensive Player of Year—Bryce Tillotson-Thomas Heyward

HSSR-SCISA 2018 8 Man Co-Player of Year—Dawson Coleman-Beaufort Academy

HSSR-SCISA 2018 8 Man Co-Player of Year—De’Shaun Epps-Beaufort Academy

HSSR-SCISA 2018 Co-8-Man Offensive Player of Year—Jimmy Bozard-Jefferson Davis Academy 

HSSR-SCISA 2018 Co-8-Man Offensive Player of Year—Nick Faile-Andrew Jackson Academy 

HSSR-SCISA 2018 A-Man Defensive Player of Year—Edward McCormick—Beaufort Academy   

HSSR-SCISA Class AAA Coach of Year—Erik Kimrey-Hammond School

HSSR SCISA Class AA Coach of Year—Neil Minton-Florence Christian 

HSSR-SCISA Class A Coach of Year—Nic Shuford-Thomas Heyward Academy

HSSR SCISA Class 8-Man Coach of Year—Mark Clifford-Beaufort Academy


2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA All-State Football

Brewer Brunson-Laurence Manning

Grayson Gamble-Laurence Manning

Jake Jordan-Laurence Manning

Wyatt Rowland-Laurence Manning

Jay Godwin-Laurence Manning  

Andre Wilson-Hammond

Cleo Cantey-Hammond

Sam Edens-Hammond

William Locke-Hammond

Bradley Dunn-Hammond 

Mitchell Matthews-Wilson Hall

Jackson Watson-First Baptist

Ross Greenhill-First Baptist

Tylan Major-First Baptist

Xavion Washington-First Baptist

Caleb Pierce-Porter-Gaud 

Andrew Thomas-Porter-Gaud

Dima Daley-Cardinal Newman

Jalil Borelli-Ben Lippen


HSSR-SCISA 2018 AA All-State Football 

Hunter Benton-Trinity-Byrnes

Shamar Boyd-Trinity-Byrnes

Stone McDonald-Hilton Head Prep

Carson King-Hilton Head Prep

Brandon Miller-Richard Winn

Zach Taylor-Richard Winn

Branden Robinson-Bethesda Academy

Maquail Jackson-Bethesda Academy

Zach Doe-John Paul II

Sam Summa-John Paul II

Melik Frost-John Paul II

Robbie Jordan-Florence Christian

Zack Edwards-Florence Christian

George Rishmawi-Florence Christian

Alex Rishmawi-Florence Christian

Hunter McGee-Robert E. Lee

Jordan Hodge-Robert E. Lee

Patterson Saverance-Robert E. Lee

Josh Burns-Robert E. Lee

Jet Smith-Robert E. Lee

Daniel Harrington-Hilton Head Christian


HSSR-SCISA 2018 Class A All-State Football

Tyson Brand- Carolina Academy

Tyrese McCray-Carolina Academy

Mac Timmons- Carolina Academy

Shay Hall-Carolina Academy

Dylan Hotaling-Pee Dee Academy

Danny Barker-Pee Dee Academy

Connor Gasque-Pee Dee Academy

Eric Muldrow-Williamsburg Academy

Evan Brazil-Thomas Heyward

Bobby Payne-Thomas Heyward

River Pender- Thomas Heyward

Joe Gibson-Thomas Heyward

Therion Cannon-Thomas Heyward

John Hewelett-Thomas Heyward

Timber Hexamer-Thomas Heyward 

Colby Weeks-Dorchester Academy

Chase Way-Dorchester Academy 


HSSR-SCISA 8-Man All-State Football

Thomas Lowry-Laurens Academy

Elijah Fess Beaufort Academy

Will Tumlin-Beaufort Academy

Trent Jamison-Jefferson Davis Academy

Jeremy Davis-Jefferson Davis Academy

Hunter Beach-Jefferson Davis Academy

Tyler Renew-Jefferson Davis Academy

Cooper Moorer-St. Johns Christian Academy 

Collin Robertson-St. Johns Chrisitan Academy  

Dylan Parsons-St. Johns Christian Academy

Bryce Butler-St. Johns Christian Academy

Tyrese Mitchum-Clarendon Hall

Wells Robinson-Clarendon Hall

Carson Cumbee-Clarendon Hall

Bobby Ashba-Clarendon Hall

Will Padgett-Wardlaw Academy

Reid Gossett-Wardlaw Academy

Daniel Brown-Faith/Ridge Christian

Jonathan Schaffer-Andrew Jackson Academy

Banks Wallace-Andrew Jackson Academy

Tucker Cook-Andrew Jackson Academy

Tykel Hoover-Andrew Jackson Academy

Trey Pulaski-Andrew Jackson Academy

Kennedy Fairey-Patrick Henry

Connor Rourk-Palmetto Christian

Kendall Chakeris-Palmetto Christian

Reagan Pugh-WW King Academy


HSSR Statewide 2018 All-Rookie Football

Ke’Avis Savage-Union County

Zan Dunham-Chester

James Avery Hewitt-Dillon

Nemo Squires-Dillon

Demarkes Hicks-Marlboro County 

Jacardo Riggins-Marlboro County 

Javen Walker-Carvers Bay

Bug Brunson-Andrew Jackson Academy

Austin McKenzie-East Clarendon

Cub Cook-East Clarendon

Ahmad Green-May River

Marquese Webb-East Clarendon

Nai'Ryan Bookert-St. Johns Chrisitan 

Noah Sweat-Lake View

Arkadius Benjamin-Lake View

Bryson Grimsley-Lake View 


2018 HSSR-Top 100 Senior Prospects

Elijah Blair-Marlboro County 

Tyrek Eaddy-Marlboro County 

Marquese Johnson-Marlboro County 

Travis Hickson-Lee Central

Joshua Doctor-Gray Collegiate

Dallaz Corbitt-Gray Collegiate

Chaz Jones-Fort Dorchester

Andrae Banks-Summerville

Cooper Dawson-Hanahan

Zane Boozer-Liberty

Trey Houston-Greer

Jordan Barrow-May River

Elijah Bey-Cane Bay

Cameron Weeks-Mullins 

Sharrod Burroughs-Mullins 

John Swinton-Bluffton

Tanner Stuettgen-Pendleton

Lance Calcutt-Colleton County

Quan Pittman-Cheraw

Kendall Flowers-Irmo

Nic Evans-Lake View

Elijah Fleming—Lake View 

Shiyon Gilchrist-Lake View

Spencer Sarvis-Aynor

Noah Seaver-Aynor

Jordyn Gillings-North Myrtle Beach

Cason McClendon-North Myrtle Beach

Jevon Nicholson-Buford


2018 HSSR-SCHSL Region Coaches of Year

1-AAAAA- Jeff Herron-T.L. Hanna

2-AAAAA-Dave Gutshall-Dorman

3-AAAAA-David Pittman-Rock Hil

4-AAAAA- Mark Barnes-Sumter 

5-AAAAA-Tom Knotts-Dutch Fork

6-AAAAA- Jody Jenerette-West Florence

7-AAAAA-Randy Robinson-Berkeley

8-AAAAA-Joe Call-Summerville

1-AAAA--  Jeff Fruster-Daniel

2-AAAA-Will Young-Greer 

3-AAAA-Strait Herron-South Pointe

4-AAAA-   Collin Drafts-A.C. Flora

5-AAAA-Brian Thomas- North Augusta

6-AAAA-Jeff Calabrese-Hartsville

7-AAAA-John Houpt-Bluffton

1-AAA- Yon Radford Pendleton

2-AAA-Mark Hodge-Chapman

3-AAA-Brian Thompson-Union County

4-AAA-Victor Floyd-Chester

5-AAA- Antwaun Hillery-Strom Thurmond

6-AAA-Jackie Hayes-Dillon

7-AAADavid Marbitzer -Hanahan

8-AAA-Rodeny Summers-May River

1-AA-Mike Sonneborn- Southside Christian

2-AA-Jamie Nickles-Abbeville

3-AA-Adam Holmes-Gray Collegiate

4-AA-Tripp Watts-Buford

5-AA-Dwayne Garrick-Barnwell

6-AA-Art Craig-Timberland

7-AA-Nate Thompson- Carvers Bay

1-A-Vic Lollis-Dixie

2-A-Corey Fountain-Lamar

3-A-Willie Fox-Wagener-Salley

4-A-Marion Brown- Baptist Hill

5-A-Glynn Darby-Bethune-Bowman

6-A-Daryl King-Lake View


2018 HSSR-SCISA All-Region Coaches

AAA-Erik Kimrey-Hammond

1-AA- Jared Amell-Trinity-Byrnes

2-AA- Kevin Wald-John Paul II

1-A Johnathan King-Pee Dee Academy

2-A Nic Shuford-Thomas Heyward Academy

8-Man Region I- Michael Tindal-Jefferson Davis Academy

8 Man Region II- Allen Sitterle-Andrew Jackson Academy 


2018 HSSR-SCHSL All State Volleyball Superlatives 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Volleyball Player of Year—Sophie Fischer-Nation Ford  

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Co-AAAA Volleyball Player of Year—Sydney Bellamy-North Myrtle beach

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Co-AAAA Volleyball Player of Year—Kayla Henley-North Myrtle Beach   

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Volleyball Player of Year--  Savannah Roberts-Powdersville 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA Volleyball Player of Year—Kyra Thompson-St Joseph’s   

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Class A Volleyball Player of Year—Nyla Parker-Governors School  

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Volleyball Coach of Year--  Carrie Christian-Nation Ford 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Volleyball Coach of Year—Alex Sing-North Myrtle Beach 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Volleyball Coach of Year—Brooke Passini-Powdersville  

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA Volleyball Coach of Year—Jan Carino-St. Joseph’s

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Class A Volleyball Coach of Year –Hugh O’Connor- Governor’s School


2018 HSSR-SCHSL All-State Volleyball

Emily Lammers-Nation Ford

Gretchen Fletcher-Nation Ford

Hannah Neff-Nation Ford

Grae Gosnell-Wando

Maddie Bolston-Wando

Sarah Missroon-Wando

Lexi Wiezbiki-Pickens

Sydney Boding-Pickens   

Porcha Rivers-Powdersville

Kate Hardy-Powdersville

Alexis Albright-Powerdersville

Keisey Steib-Bishop England

Madeline White-Bishop England

Lauren Delo-St. Joseph’s

Katie Culumovic-St. Joseph’s

Olivia Yarborough-Oceanside Collegiate

Sophie Meredith-Oceanside Collegiate

Abby Funchess-Branchville

Kelsey Kinard-Branchville

Sierra Jensen-Governor’s School

Mikey Pennell- Governors School

Layne Scopano- Governors School

Spivey Evans-Lake View

Zan'Dasia  McNeil-Lake View

Claire Lewis-Aynor 

Grace Elliott-Green Sea Floyds

Vicoria Sears-Dixie

Savannah Overholt-Abbeville

Junter Allen-Buford

Mary Grace Davis-Myrtle Beach

Chelsey Blume-Summerville

Amani McArthur-Ashley Ridge

Anna Renwick-Dorman

Ally Eggert-Dorman

Lauren Mims-Dorman

Grace Metcalf-Dorman 

Caroline Pender-River Bluff

Maddie Bryant-T.L. Hanna

Lauren McCutcheon-J.L. Mann

Rion Brown-Academic Magnet

Sarah Grace Westmoreland-Woodruff

Amber Bass-Lewisville

Allie Keels-Lewisville

Taia Gattis-Cross

Alayna Johnson-North Central

Peyton Holley-North Central

Jykya Bell-Dillon

Claire Lewis-Aynor

Bryson Moore-Wade Hampton (H)

Brookes Moore-Wade Hampton (H) 


2018 HSSR All-Rookie Volleyball

Brantley Chipley-Dorman

Emily King-Wando

Chandley Thompson-Wando 

Laughlin Murray-Ashley Hall

Anna Rabon North Myrtle Beach

Marianna Singletary-Porter-Gaud

Madison Rogers-Lewisville

Lexie Rogers-Dillon

Abby Bristow-Dillon


2018 HSSR-SCISA All-State Volleyball

2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA Volleyball Player of Year & HSSR Miss Volleyball—Mattison Matthews-Ashley Hall

2018 HSSR-SCISA AA Volleyball Player of Year—Samantha Arp-Spartanburg Christian

2018 HSSR-SCISA Class A Volleyball Player of Year—Jacquelyn Adams-Cathedral

2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA Volleyball Coach of Year—Franny Slay-Ashley Hall

2018 HSSR-SCISA AA Volleyball Coach of Year—Andrew Garland-Spartanburg Christian 

2018 HSSR-SCISA Class A Volleyball Coach of Year—Madison Carter-Cathedral 


2018 HSSR-SCISA All-State Volleyball Team

Abigail Breeden-Spartanburg Christian

Corey Nichols-Spartanburg Christian

Catherine Watson-Cardinal Newman

Anna Fuller-Cardinal Newman

Elise Pearson-Porter-Gaud

Victoria Mabe-Porter-Gaud

Cameron Cox-Ashley Hall

Hampden Thomas-Ashley Hall

Townsend Christian-Heathwood Hall

Jayden Johnson-Heathwood Hall

Amber White-Orangeburg Prep

Cameron Duffy-Wilson Hall 

Sydney Jarecki-Wilson Hall

Trinity Harrington-Laurence Manning

Corley Keefe-Florence Christian

Kylie Stewart-Florence Christian

Meaghan Veale-Pinewood Prep

Mary Grace Robertson-Pinewood Prep

Catherine Quarles-Wardlaw Academy

Ruthie Moore-Laurens Academy

Kinsley Atkins-Laurens Academy

Anna Grace Crosby-Cathedral

Katie Kerce-Cathedral

Emma McCutchen-Robert E. Lee

Sara Abbett-Kirven-Robert E. Lee 

Kristy Carnes-Ben Lippen

Isabel Stanley-Ben Lippen 

Savanna Varn-Dorchester Academy

Faith Breland-Patrick Henry

Abbie Wiggins-Patrick Henry

Elle Mikell-Patrick Henry

Alyssa Patrick—Beaufort Academy

Emily Ann Hiers-Beaufort Academy

Lauren Pernell-Palmetto Christian

Katelyn Howard-Palmetto Christian

Langley Harter-Colleton Prep

Olivia Horne-Palmetto Christian

Sydeny DeSinoe-Hilton Head Christian

Lauryn Quarles-Hilton Head Christian  


2018 HSSR-SCHSL All-State Boy’s Cross Country

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Boys Cross Country Runner of Year—Dolan Owens-James Island 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Boys Cross Country Runner of Year—Alex Zangara-Daniel 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Boys Cross Country Runner of Year—Colin Baker-Academic Magnet 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA-A Boys Cross Country Runner of Year—Noah Ward-Phillip Simmons 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Boys Cross Country Coach of Year—Jeff Buys Dorman 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Boys Cross Country Coach of Year—Max Mayo-Hilton Head 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Boys Cross Country Coach of Year—Tony Colizzi-Bishop England

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA-A Boys Cross Country Coach of Year—George Carr-St. Joseph’s


2018 HSSR-SCHSL Boy’s All-State Cross Country

Sam Boykin=Bishop England

Logan Desciak-Bishop England

Eddie  Urban-Dorman

Kade Gosnell-Boiling Springs

Jaden Kingsley-Chapin

T.J. Thigpen-Byrnes

Dawson Wright-Fort Dorchester

Jake Maynard-Mauldin

Logan Andrews-Mauldin

Michael Griffin-South Florence

Zander Jeffcoat-Lexington

Daniel Munoz-Wando

Jasper Reinhardt-Hilton Head

Sam Gilman-Hilton Head

Marlon Belden-Beaufort

Coen Roberts-Greer

Noah Webster-Easside

Johnathan Fox-Eastside

Brendan McTique-St. Joseph’s

Josh Powers-St. Joseph’s

Tristan McTique-St. Joseph’s

Brendan McManamon-Governors School

James Morton-Christ Church 


HSSR-SCHSL Girls Cross Country Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Girls Cross Country Runner of Year— Katie Pou-Nation Ford 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Girls Cross Country Runner of Year—Ally Wilson-Daniel  

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Girls Cross Country Runner of Year—Maggie Rhodes-Woodruff  

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA-A Girls  Cross Country Runner of Year— Ava Dobson-St. Joseph’s

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Girls  Cross Country Coach of Year— Jerry Kimbrell-Dorman

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Girls Cross Country Coach of Year—Ashley Perry- Daniel 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Girls Cross Country Coach of Year—Leavell Wall-Seneca

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AA-A Girls Cross Country Coach of Year— Marie Kernell-St. Joseph’s


2018 HSSR-SCHSL All-State Girls Cross Country

Page Dickey-Dorman

Charity Davies-Dormn

Macey Morgan-Mauldin

Madelyn Gomez-River Bluff

Kennedy Roush-J.L. Mann

Mary Cagle Lockhart-Daniel

Maren Sorber-Daniel

Isabel Muehleman-Hilton Head

Sarah Neville-Hilton Head

Victoria Colon-LaBorde-Aiken

Tylor Houston-Greer

Carson Towe-Seneca

Sariah Stewart-Seneca

Ann Margaret Loftis-Waccamaw

Emma Peluso-May River

Kaylee Potts-West Oak

Caroline Linen-St. Joseph’s

Lilian Jaraczewski-St. Joseph’s

Brigid Alvis-St. Joseph’s

Liana Giannopoulos-Southside Christian


2018 HSSR-SCISA Girl’s Cross Country Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA Girls Cross Country Runner of Year—Jais Ward-Heathwood Hall

2018 HSSR-SCISA AA Girls Cross Country Runner of Year—Bella Crowe-Thomas Sumter

2018 HSSR-SCISA Class A Girls Cross Country Runner of Year—Belia Thornley-James Island Christian

2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA Girls Cross Country Coach  of Year—Hugh Knight-Porter-Gaud

2018 HSSR-SCISA AA Girls Cross Country Coach of Year—Rob Coursey-Thomas Sumter

2018 HSSR-SCISA Class A Girls Cross Country Coach of Year—Onika Kerber-Laurens Academy


2018 HSSR-SCISA Girls All-State Cross Country

Bryce Marion-Porter-Gaud

Chole Elebash-Porter-Gaud

Savannah Campbell-Augusta Christian

Mariah Hoover-Cardinal Newman

Kennedy Burnett-Porter-Gaud

Conner McMahon-Porter-Gaud

Elin Fields-Pinewood Prep 

Aubrey Stoddard-Thomas Sumter

Devon Yarde-Hilton Head Christian

Susannah Lyon-Spartanburg Day 

Vivian Gilman-Spartanburg Day

Audrey Nofzz-Laurens Academy

Blair Quarles-Laurens Academy

Ruthie Moore-Laurens Academy

Julia Kerber-Laurens Academy 

Izzy Hipple-Holy Trinity

Hannah Reedy-Holy Trinity  


2018 HSSR-SCISA Boy’s Cross County Superlatives 

2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA Boys Cross Country Runner of Year—Palmer Dayhuff-Cardinal Newman

2018 HSSR-SCISA AA Boys Cross Country Runner of Year—Hamilton Blair-Palmetto Christian

2018 HSSR-SCISA Class A Boys Cross Country Runner of Year—Ethan Kaufields-South Aiken Christian 

2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA Boys Cross Country Coach of Year- Thomas Fisher-Ben Lippen

2018 HSSR-SCISA AA Boys Cross Country Coach of Year—Kevin Sponenberg-Greenwood Christian

2018 HSSR-SCISA Class A Boys Cross Country Coach of Year—Josiah Tobin-Holy Trinity

2018 HSSR-SCISA All-State Boys Cross Country

Camden Abrams-Ben Lippen

Samari Van Horn-Ben Lippen

John Davis-Ben Lippen

Neb Sneath-Heathwood Hall

Hugh Wilcox-Heathwood Hall

Ben McElveen-Porter-Gaud

Julian McCue-Hammond

Matthew Hanna-Greenwood Christian

Garrett Sponenberg- Greewwood Christian

Michael Burgess-Spartanburg Christian

Andrew Osbourne—Spartanburg Christian

Asa David-Spartanburg Day

Robert Lyon-Spartanburg Day

Anthony Ramirez-Spartanburg Day

Logan Lawson-Holy-Trinity

Luke Greene-Holy Trinity

Mikias Thompson-Conway Christian

Rocco Barbusca-Anderson Christian

Briggs Williams-Laurens Academy

Joseph Patterson-Beaufort Academy


2018 HSSR-SCHSL Girls Swimming Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Girls Swimmer of Year—Aubrey Chandler-Fort Mill

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Co-AAAA Girls Swimmer of Year-Cara Bogner-Eastside

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Co-AAAA Girls Swimmer of Year-Riley Parker-Eastside

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Girls Swimmer of Year—Kendal Chunn-Oceanside Collegiate

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Girls Swim Coach of Year—Cheryl Durden-Wando 

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Girls Swim Coach of Year—Tiffany Watson-Eastside

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Girls Swim Coach of Year--   Matt Jacobssen-Christ Church


2019 HSSR-SCHSL Girls All-State Swimming

Cameron Mehta-Wando

Gabi Reed-Wando

Kirsti McEnroe-Fort Mill

Hannah Ownby-Riverside 

Emily Horomanski-Riverside

Lauren Murray-J.L. Mann

Erynn Black-Fort Mill 

Keri Golden-Powdersville

Jill Smiley-Bishop England

Skyler Ayers-Academic Magnet

Emma Sullivan-Waccamaw

Kailee Morgan-Christ Church

Hanna Havens Rice-Greenville 

Hayden Penny-Eastside

Kate Beckish-Wren

McKinney Mills-Lancaster  


2018 HSSR-SCHSL Boys Swimming Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Boys Swimmer of Year—Mike Juengel-Riverside

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Boys Swimmer of Year—Kevin Giest-Hilton Head

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Boys Swimmer of Year—Silas Crosby-St. Joseph’s

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Boys Swim Coach of Year—Allyson Brown-Wando

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Boys Swim Coach of Year-Tiffany Watson -Eastside

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA Boys Swim Coach of Year—Becky Van Evera- St.  Josephs


2018 HSSR-SCHSL Boys All-State Swimming

 Christopher Meier-Riverside

C.J. Davis-Rock Hill

 J.J. Hardy-Lexington

Chad Waldrop-West Ashley

Matthew Gush-Wando

 Bruce Bannister-J.L. Mann

Liam Walker-St. Joseph’s

Addie Laurencelle-Bishop England

Noland Griffith-Bishop England

Clayton Boyles-May River

Dawson Kramer-Eastside

Jacob Buck-South Aiken

Emerson Edwards-AC Flora

Ian Morgan-Myrtle Beach 

Tanner Edwards-AC Flora

Zak Griffin-North Augusta


2018 HSSR-SCISA Girls Swimming Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA Girls Co-Swimmer of Year-Elysse Pardus-Porter-Gaud

2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA Girls Co-Swimmer of Year-Kaila Pardus-Porter-Gaud

2018 HSSR-SCISA AA-A Girls Swimmer of Year—Katie Grace Vandergrift-Palmetto Christian

2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA Girls Swim Coach of Year—Mike Walsh-Porter Gaud

2018 HSSR-SCISA AA-A Girls Swim Coach of Year—Jessi Sullivan- Oakbrook Prep


2018 HSSR-SCISA All-State Girls Swimming

Ann Thompson-Porter-Gaud

Katherine Gelis-Porter-Gaud

Eliza Ford-Porter-Gaud

Sophia Conner-Heathwood Hall

Alyce Etter-Cardinal Newman

Sophie Caggiano-Oakbrook Prep

Emily Cobourn-Spartanburg Day

Camryn Wilson-Spartanburg Day

Sterling Burd-Hilton Head Christian


2018 HSSR-SCISA Boys Swimming Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCISA Boys Swimmer of Year-William Goedecke-Porter-Gaud

2018 HSSR-SCISA AA-A Boys Swimmer of Year—Will Vandergrift-Palmetto Christian

2018 HSSR-SCISA AAA Boys Swim Coach of Year—Mike Walsh- Porter-Gaud

2018 HSSR-SCISA AA-A Boys Swim Coach of Year—Jessi Sullivan Oakbrook Prep


2018 HSSR-SCISA All-State Boys Swimming

James Winterfield-Porter-Gaud

Rhett Andrews-Porter-Gaud

Mills Long-Porter-Gaud

Daniel Kassis-Porter-Gaud

Daniel Grimes-Pinewood Prep

Zach Carey-Trinity-Byrnes

Bryce Glenn-Oakbrook Prep

Caleb Eidson-Hilton Head Christian

Michael Chewning-Spartanburg Day

Ed Lee-Thomas Sumter


2018 HSSR-SCHSL Girls Golf Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Girls Golfer of Year-Isabella Rawl-Lexington

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Girls Golfer of Year-Emma Charles-Hartsville

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA-AA-A Girls Golfer of Year –Jensen Castle-Gray Collegiate

 2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAAA Girls Golf Coach  of Year-Brandon Smith-Lexington

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAAA Girls Golf Coach  of Year-Andy Swords-Daniel

2018 HSSR-SCHSL AAA-AA-A Girls Golf Coach of Year –Billy Ross-Oceanside Collegiate


2018 HSSR-SCHSL All-State Girls Golf

Ashley Looper-Travelers Rest

Kennedy McGaha—BHP

Jordan Guyton-Dreher

Gillian O’Brien-Daniel

Emileigh Swords-Daniel

Anna Grace Brock-Emerald

Sydney Roberts-Chesnee

Jaylan Castle-Gray Collegiate

Kennedy Gooding-Gilbert

Peyton Gillespie-Christ Church

Gabriela Martinez-Oceanside Collegiate

Kayla Bartemeyer-Oceanside Collegiate

Karlee Vardas-Lexington

Adrain Anderson-St. James

Molly Hardwick- Lexington

Elle Johnson-Spartanburg

Emily Dunlap-Mauldin

Mia Gray-Carolina Forest


2018 HSSR-SCISA Girls Golf Superlatives

2018-SCISA Statewide Girls Golfer of Year-Lextyn Petz-Cardinal Newman

2018 HSSR-SCISA Statewide Girls Golf Coach of Year—Cindy Cummings-Cardinal Newman

2018 HSSR-SCISA All-State Girls Golf

Autumn Carey-Laurence Manning

Lexi Bennett-Laurence Manning

Telie McCoy-Patrick Henry

Olivia Antonetti-Heathwood Hall 


2018 HSSR-SCHSL Girls Tennis Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Statewide Player of Year—Maggie Cubitt-Spartanburg

2018 HSSR-SCHSL Statewide Tennis Coach of the Year—Amy Martin-AC Flora


2018 HSSR-SCHSL All-State Girls Tennis

Megan Pleasant-AC Flora

Raquel Acco-AC Flora

Emily Ruckno-Hilton Head

Annie Jennings-Christ Church

Day Nuckolls-Christ Church

Anna Greer-Boiling Springs

Larissa Berger-Hartsville

Abby Cotuna-Berkeley

Lily Woods-Bishop England

Jenna Santa Lucia-Bishop England

Elise Mills-Mid-Carolina 


2018 HSSR-SCISA Tennis Superlatives

2018 HSSR-SCISA Statewide Player of Year—Rebecca Spratt-Ashley Hall

2018 HSSR-SCISA Statewide Tennis Coach of the Year— Mary Gastley-Ashley Hall


2018 HSSR-SCISA All-State Girls Tennis

Grace Weaver-Carolina Academy

Rebecca Dinkins-Robert E. Lee

Kendall Couch-Heathwood Hall

Piper Brown-Porter-Gaud

Kayla Kirkland-Ashley Hall

Lorna Milani-Ashley Hall

Meredith Ware-Colleton Prep

Adeline Lundy-Hammond

Ali DeSpain-Hilton Head Prep

Jessica Osborne-Pinewood Prep

McKenzie Davis-Trinity-Byrnes

 Emily Shaw-Palmetto Christian

Jayda Scheper-Beaufort Academy





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